Theme & Corporate Murder Mysteries

Coporate Team Building

Murder at the Water Cooler

Guests are invited to the annual office bash. Not all is fun and gift giving though. The boss has a big announcement to make and someone is not happy about it. There has been gossip at the water cooler about corporate downsizing. Now someone wants to make the corporate ladder a little shorter.Who will be eliminated? Who is the killer and why? Guests will not only solve the murder, but they will participate in the 1st Annual Office Olympics. The teams will take part in events such as: the office chair 50 yard backwards dash; Office Communications; Stab a Co-Worker in the Back and the Paper Ball basket-throwing tournament plus others. Recognition will be given for individual athletes and prizes will be awarded to the winning teams of these Olympics. Additionally, suspects are questioned, ballots are completed and the winning teams(s) are announced and awarded prizes.