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Coporate Team Building

Trumped : You're Hired!

Donald Trumped has an exciting team building competition for your company. The Donald apparently has an interest in your company and wants to see how smart, fast and competitive your employees are.

Your company will be put into teams and after naming themselves, they'll be given outrageous tasks that push the limits of an apprentices' resourcefulness and creativity. Wait'll you see what you have to build the next Trumped tower out of. And designers never make outfits out of THIS before! The Donald will judge everything the teams do. At evening s end teams will be cut, until one hears those beautiful words: "YOU'RE HIRED!"

Bigger than Trumped Towers & Brighter than Melania's Jewelry. After an evening of being Trumped, you'll hate the Donald even more than Ivana used to. Depending on the size of your group, Trumped: You're Hired can be performed with 1, 3 ,5 or more actors.