Theme & Corporate Murder Mysteries

Coporate Team Building

Murder Mysteries, Clue by Clue - Mansion Mystery

This show can take placed in a mansion, on a boat, in onelarge room, or any location you can dream of. You are guestsof Lord Bennington, a wealthy European. He has invitedyou to this party in hopes of revealing the person who hethinks is out to kill him. By the time you arrive, it is too late. Lord B. is dead.

Inspector Clurrot will then lead an investigation into his death. Each guest has a case portfolio containing all the information that you will need to solve the case. You will then form teams and start traveling to each suspect to question them. You will also visit the crime scene that contains valuable clues. Collecting the evidenceClue by Clue will help you arrive at a guilty party. Then Inspector Clurrot will hopefully be able to unmask the killer.