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Corporate Murder Mystery Johnny Be Dead - A Rock N Roll Murder Mystery

Little did Johnny know that his biggest hit would be the one that ended his career and his life. Imagine, there you are at the big sock hop, in true 50s style. Johnny Chrome and the Studebakers are boppin' on stage, laying down that crazy beat, when BAM! A shot rings out. Everybody's favorite singer drops to the floor. The music dies. And just like that, you find yourself drawn into the biggest rock n' roll murder mystery of 1957.

Can you help pin down Johnny's killer? It could be a jealous girlfriend. An angry nerd bent on revenge. Maybe even the Studebakers' former drummer. Gee whiz, it could be almost anybody . But don't worry you'll have plenty of clues. Along with lots of help from the #1 rock n' roll detective on this week's charts, none other than Slick Tracy.

Welcome to Johnny B. Dead. A killer combination of music, dancing and comedy, with a wacky cast straight out of the corner booth at the local malt shop. Catching a murderer has never been this much fun!