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Gotta Getta Clue

On a dark and stormy night, somewhere off the coast of England, Mrs.Peacock is delighted to be hosting an engagement party for her only daughter, Scarlett, who is set to marry Dr. Green the very next day. With her constant companion, Colonel Mustard, and her faithful maid Mrs. White, by her side, Mrs. Peacock greets her guests as they arrive at her mansion. As Professor Plum, a family friend, snaps photographs for posterity, friends and family from around the world gather in the main foyer. After mingling with the characters, a MURDER takes place! That's where YOU come in--you have to help a detective from Scotland Yard determine who the killer is! Question the suspects, formulate theories and try to solve the murder of Mr. Peacock! Clue has never been so drop-dead funny! Combining music, comedy and mystery we're sure your guests will be "game" to play.