Theme & Corporate Murder Mysteries

Coporate Team Building

Let's Kill the Boss!

A spoof on Corporate America! This is our most popular show now running in it's 10th year. The event is Margate Manufacturing Employee Appreciation night and you the employees of 2M will be appreciated by the big cheese, Mr.. Anthony Margate, (The Boss). The party is going beautifully until suddenly the lights go out. Mr. Margate (the Boss) is found dead wit a meat cleaver in his head, a hunting knife in his chest, an electrical cord wrapped tightly around his neck and a gun has been fired. Aspiring detectives as you are, you know it was not an accident. WHO KILLED THE BOSS? With the help of clues and bribe $$$, you solve whodunit!

Sun. - Fri $1,500 - Sat; $1,800