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Who Wants to be a Greedy Millionaire?

Have you ever dreamed of being on a game show? Do you spend restless nights while visions of buzzers, bells and "bonus questions" dance through your head? Your opportunity has arrived! We can customize a game show for you and your event that will not be forgotten. Does your sales force know all it should about your new product? Do your employees remember whom they are supposed to call when their computer crashes? Does anybody remember who left that tuna fish sandwich in the break room refrigerator for six months? Now, you can find out, not with a boring questionnaire and meetings, but with an exciting interactive game show.

The Design

The Main Stage will present the GamesMaster and his continuing test of the audience's knowledge of trivia of all kinds. Positioned around the room will be Game Show Stations. Each team will have the opportunity to play at each station for 20 minutes and move from station to station at designated times.

The Teams

Each table is a team. Teams who are not currently playing make up our "studio audience" and will be entertained by the ongoing games and various "bonus questions" and "challenges" given to audience members by the GamesMaster.

The Games
Look for many of your favorites as we look to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits. Classics such as Whirl of Fortune, Gypardy!, Pixtionary and Dysfunctional Family Feud. Correct answers acquire points (points are not deducted for incorrect answers) and the team with the most points at the end of the game or tournament will win the grand prize.

The Ultimate Challenge
At surprise points in the evening, various contestants will be called at random to the stage and The Ultimate Challenge will be given. It's a fast-paced cutthroat competition where only one winner will remain standing. High energy and tons of fun.

The Prizes
Whatever you choose. You provide prizes for the winning team and as many consolation prizes as you'd like. Or ask about the Box O' Gag Gifts.

  • A stage 8 x 12 or larger.
  • Dressing room for actors with water and sodas before the show and meals for cast and crew after the show.
  • This show is designed and works best for audiences from 20 to 1000.
  • TeamBonding brings actors, Game show hosts, production staff, etc.
  • TeamBonding will provide all services necessary for the staging of the production. This would include such things as casting, rehearsals, costuming, props, lights, sound equipment and game show facades. The price quoted is for an audience of 150 or less. (Certain sized audiences or large venues will require an upgrade in sound requirements and staging needs at an additional fee.)