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Dinner ComedyYOU'VE GOT MALE!
Some men see a marriage counselor for their relationship troubles; others turn their frustrations into two hours of pure comedic therapy on stage. Welcome to "You've Got Male!," the show about the trials and tribulations of being a man. Comedians Joey Yannetty (HBO's "Suckers"), Tom Hayes (Showtime's Funniest Man in Massachusetts), and Matty Blake (WXLO, STAR 93.7 and WAAF radio) need to get a few things off their collective chests. Ladies, just a warning - this show is not for the faint of heart. Strap yourself in, put your seat in its upright position, and leave your antidepressants at the door.

Internationally recognized magician and mentalist JON STETSON hosts this wild show, covering all aspects of magic from rapid fire sleight-of-hand tricks to spellbinding illusions. Don't think run of the mill magic show with rabbits being pulled out of a hat - this fast-paced, breathtaking, four-act show will reawaken your mind to the art of magic. Our quartet of performers is as funny as today's top comedians, and as talented as the magicians you see performing in Las Vegas. Magicians & Spirits always delivers an evening of highly entertaining and intelligent fun.

Comedy Theater is thrilled to present the country's first comedy band. Band on the Pun is a show for both music fans and standup comedy fans alike, and hits the audience right between the eyes with twisted song parodies, hysterical musical impressions, and comedic rants about the state of today's music scene. Band on the Pun's members combine comedians with musical ability and musicians with comic ability for a power-packed evening that delivers as much musical talent as it does laughter. Featuring Boston comedy legend DJ Hazard, song parody king Michael Coleman, and other accomplished talents, Band on the Pun is a unique, first of its kind entertainment roller coaster ride.

65% of Americans are overweight. 100% need to laugh. Losing weight is harder than ever. You've tried Weight Watchers, Atkins, the Zone, and working out. Now try our approach - laughing off the weight! Join Tony V., Tom Briscoe and others who turn calories into punchlines. While this show centers on a sensitive subject, the comics skewer themselves, industries that thrive on making us fat (Burger King et al), crazy diets (Subway subs as diet food??) and ridiculous related items in the news (the fast food lawsuits).

Remember Community Auditions from the 1970's? We think it's time to bring back the concept! The current tv audition shows (Last Comic Standing, American Idol) only focused on one type of talent. While these talents are always a hit, we also provide a forum for jugglers, accordian and ukelele players, bird-callers, and any "talent" you could think of! Everyone is welcome, and there's a spirit of community in the air. Hosted by Boston legend Tony V.
(This show is great for fundraisers - a portion of the ticket price and a portion of the audition fee go to your charity).