Corporate Entertainment

$1 Million Wheel of Jeopardy Feud

Team Building ActivitiesThe best of all the game shows - combined!

Primary Benefit: Pure, unadulterated fun.

Secondary Benefits:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Foster healthy competition
  • Create a memorable group experience

The Game: How many times have you felt your pulse race as you watch the contestants sweating it out on a real TV Trivia show? Of course you know the zillion dollar answer, but there you are sitting helplessly on your couch. Meanwhile back at the office, how many times have you wished you could prove to your coworkers once and for all that you really are the sharpest knife in the box?

Our hilarious game show spoof, the One Million Dollar Wheel of Jeopardy Feud, is just what you've been waiting for. Join zany host Alec Trajak in the biggest, wildest game show of them all. Your group will battle it out in pursuit of big prizes, fleeting fame and big fun. The excitement builds as one team of finalists go for a chance to win a cool $1 million jackpot!

Turn up the heat by strategically dividing your guests into teams Middle Mangement vs. Upper Management, H.R. vs. Sales, Eastern Territory vs. Western, whatever you decide. It's all in good fun! Another tried-and-true approach is to use this event as an Ice-Breaker before other teambonding activities and let us pick your teams completely by random.

The team building value of The One Million Dollar Wheel of Jeopardy Feud is undeniable. It's a great Ice-Breaker, giving participants a chance to really get comfortable working together. This lively interactive event also makes for a great morale booster it's amazing what a healthy dose of laughter can do to build team spirit.

Training Module or De-Brief: This event makes a great teaching tool. We can easily customize it by incorporating company info, product info, conference themes and other educational topics into the trivia questions. An optional debrief, led by a trained facilitator, focuses on recognizing team strengths.

Minimum/Maximum Group Siz e: 12 -200.

Program Length: Approximately 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of your group and your time requirements.

Space Requirements: A stage, riser or function room works great we're pretty flexible on this one.