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Funny Business Comedy Hypnosis Show

Corporate Comedy Few forms of entertainment are more intimately appealing than hypnotic exhibitions, as the show is devoted entirely to audience participation. The show is exceedingly interesting to watch, and every show is different since the cast on stage is always different. There is something so warmly human, while, at the same time verging on magic, that hypnotism stands unique on the entertainment spectrum. An audience will be doubled over with laughter in watching the fun filled antics of hypnotized people on stage. Hypnotism as entertainment has everything: comedy, mystery, drama, couple with education and thought provoking phenomena.

Fun Facts:

  • Always a clean show
  • Your people are the stars of the show
  • It's a very music oriented show
  • Competely Self-Contained show
  • Lasts almost 2 hours
  • You'll laugh like never before...guaranteed!
  • This show is available to travel all over New England and beyond.

Call for details.

Funny Business Comedy Hypnosis Show

"We're always on the lookout for fun and interactive entertainment for our corporate and social clients. This show, we saw on vacation and it was fabulous and clean. When you?re in the entertainment business you tend to see a lot of entertainment and not much impresses us. This show was so fun not just because of the hypnotist, but because of the audience, they were hysterical We decided to add it right away to our comedy offerings"
David Goldstein, Producer
Comedy Theater Productions