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Corporate Imposter ComediansHere's How it works: Bring in Tom Hayes or Brian Powers as an "imposter". 

Introduce him to your audience as a newly hired executive, an oversees director, produce industry consultant or expert in the field of your choice and then sit back and enjoy the show. 

The speech begins: very seriously, covering hot company and industry topics you provide.  Your audience will find it very believable.  It will be absolutely convincing using jargon and terms specific to your business or industry.  This part runs about 5 minutes and then the fun really begins. 

The speech slowly starts sounding more and more ridiculous.   The imposter will start to slip in a few jokes here and there and then, things get down right outrageous!  Everyone slowly figures out it's a prank and start to realize that they are being "put on".  The imposter will cleverly let them in on the joke and reveal that his is a comedian and a magician, much to the relief of the crowd.  Not what they expected at all!

Our corporate imposters will work close with you to create an imposter character, relevant content and a hoax strategy that will be hilarious and appropriate for your attendees and that will food everyone.  They will appreciate the humor added to a routine event.  It's a whole lot of fun! 

Brian Powers is America 's premiere corporate imposter. A corporate consultant and stand-up comedian, Powers collaborates with you to create an industry-based character who talks to your audience about important issues in the most entertaining way. His one-of-a-kind presentation, complete with support graphics, is the perfect event opener or entertainment break. Find out why companies such as Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor Credit, Andersen Consulting, Millennium Pharmaceutical, AT&T and Motorola have all used Powers to enhance team-building, create camaraderie and bring forth the value of humor and laughter in today's hectic workplace.  

There's a lot more to Tom Hayes than meets the eye. He may look like your accountant - but in reality, he's a successful executive, standup comedian, motivational speaker, magician, cancer survivor, bungee jumper, skier and ace fisherman. Tom's adventures have taken him around the world, from Australia to Prague to places in South America that aren't even on a map. We'd like to tell you more about Tom's adventures, but we'd rather have him tell you, when you book him for your next event. No other package combines Tom's motivational humor with interactive magic and a whole lot of heart.